At Theresa Ory Interiors, we genuinely enjoy designing your experience. We place value in the intentional creation of your environment. Were not going to be asking you to define your style or pigeonhole you into a current trend. We're also not just going to fill your rooms with stuff. We will focus instead on how you want to feel in the space upon completion. We'll then take that ideal and build the space to support it. We'll make sure that the wall finishes, shapes of the openings, and flow of the furniture placement align with your experience.

If you share that you're hoping to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in your space, we'll focus on earthy elements and natural light. If you mention cozy, we'll incorporate more textiles. If a calm and welcoming feeling is your version of home, we'll focus on every last detail needed to bring your world to life.


$650 – up to 2 hours

This meeting is all about understanding your desires, vision, methodology for the project and communicating with one another in person. Making sure you find the right fit in a designer is paramount for the realization of your ideal home It’s ok to schedule if you’re still in the early stages of the dream. In fact, it’s ideal to select your designer first to ensure the construction supports the overall vision.

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