The Highest Honor

The Highest Honor

The highest honor of being a designer is cultivating spaces where people make their most treasured memories. Highlighting those memories in a gallery wall for this client was absolutely special.

For some, this could feel like a daunting task but let's breakdown the process. My client provided 200+ digital photos. I sorted first, seeking attractive photos of each family member...narrowing down to approximately 20 pictures.

I then considered the space being used, size of photo desired and best application for the gallery wall considering the surrounding design. Using larger photos would create a more edited style as well as allow the images to be more prominent. 11x14 frames with a substantial matte were used to keep a clean, fresh look. Which lead to using a 9 photo grid design.

Once scale and quantity were established, I was able to go back to the narrowed selection and further edit with composition and color in mind.

I committed to landscape when the majority of my favorite images were taken on the horizontal plane.

Again majority ruled when it came to color as well. Because only one photo was available exclusively in black and white it became the center of the collage, which was perfectly fitting as it was the only full family photo. Of course that image should be at the center of it all. That's what this job is all about. Helping my clients enjoy their memories while theyre making new ones.

If you've got the images but don't know which ones to use or how to display them, Theresa Ory Interiors can help!

Design by: @theresaoryinteriors Photo by: @emilyfollowillphotographer