Tuesday Workspace

Happy Tuesday from Theresa Ory Interiors!

A glimpse of today's workspace:

  • Lower right - a leather cutting for my approval on a custom piece. So. So good. 🙌

  • Top right- Venti Honey Citrus Mint tea on this cold drizzly fall day. Otherwise known as a medicine ball. Yum!

  • Top Left - the Mac laptop

  • Bottom Left- *saved the best for last 😉* is very much my real life. You can often find me scribbling notes & sketches on the nearest paper available. This old envelope fell victim to my inspiration, as well as my daughters irresistable urge to add hearts and signatures to all of my notes. 🥰

Stay tuned for this inspiration turned beautiful new sculpture instillation pics coming soon. www.theresaoryinteriors.com