10 Facts about Me

Hi. I'm Theresa with Theresa Ory Interiors. Pleasure meeting you. I hope your new year has been wonderful so far. If you're like me, even though you soaked up the down time you probably hit the ground running at what feels like120%. How would we enjoy our breaks without needing them so fiercely after all? 😏 Since it's a new year and a time for trying new things, I thought it might be fun to do a little "10 facts about me" list. Without further ado.... 1) I am one of 5 children 2) All I wanted to be when I grew up was a "Mommy" 3)Outside of my people and design, I'm passionate about travel 4)My husband and I met first week freshman year of undergrad. I remember it being in a parking lot. He says it was a basement! ( Please! I have witnesses!) 😏 5) all 18 years of my childhood were spent in the same house in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 6) I minored in vocal music in college. 7) I am a Mother to 3 awesome kids and 1 very sweet rescued Husky. 8) I vacuum a lot! 😂 9) I can speak juuuuust enough Italian to get myself in trouble. ☺️ 10) if you're into the Enneagram...I'm a 7. Do we share any similarities? Did I surprise you with anything?! Leave a comment below, and happy Monday to you! www.theresaoryinteriors.com 📸: The fabulous @lboydphotog