Obsessive about Design

Yesterday was proof that inspiration can be pulled from anything at anytime. A little back story for you...... several months ago while sourcing for a client, I spotted an oversized abstract art piece that was beautiful, but not a good fit for my clients space. My space on the other hand......😏🙌. Now, if I were to pick up every beautiful thing I came across, my home would be a cluttered museum of attractive rediculousness 😂. So, I pragmatically walked away...😒 (Boo) Several months later, as Christmas approaches and I seem to become increasingly festive and far less pragmatic (Yay) ....I've been thinking about that art. A. LOT! Y'all, I have dreamt of that piece more than once. 😩🙄🤫 So, yesterday I made the trek back to see it in person again. Much to my surprise, I didn't love it the way I remembered. In fact, the entire piece had morphed into something slightly different in my mind. (Does that ever happen to you?) Ok, then. I guess I'm free, I thought. 😂 I can finally stop obsessing over it! Then, on my drive home...while waiting at a red light I found myself in complete awe. This gorgeous, neutral forested watercolor scene was ........wait for it........... On the cement truck in the lane next to me. The result of a tiny leak in the trucks hatch, combined with rotation and wind...had created a breathtakingly beautiful scene that was completely unexpected! So the moral of the story is threefold 1) Inspiration is not always found in obvious spaces 2)Theresa is obsessive about design 3) Beauty is out there waiting for us all. We just have to look out our windows at red lights. 😂 So I have to ask.....do you obsess about the stuff you loved, but walked away from? And do you have any stories like mine? I'd love to hear them. The more the better. Leave in the comments so I can feel validated. 😉😉 Happy Friyay Yall! Now get out there and get inspired! 🙌 www.theresaoryinteriors.com