Rugged Beauty

I believe the most profound beauty is often born of struggle. Lets examine this glorious row of trees. Do you find beauty in their ruggedness? After traveling to more arid climates (think Italian Olive Trees or California Oaks) I noticed that trees that take a bit longer to grow or those that struggle for water tend to have a more rugged, even gnarly appearance. It fascinates me. In their struggle, they are shaped into something that shows the bitter truth. They had to fight to grow. They had to bend, twist and reach to achieve survival. Because of that struggle, they age with character. They have a depth, grittiness and beauty that the easy life just doesn't produce. You see where this is going right? 😉 Dear friend, If you find yourself in a trial, struggling to overcome a hardship or difficulty. Do not fear. There is beauty in your struggle. Just as there will be beauty in your triumph. And along the way, as you twist and stretch and grow, or even fight for survival, you too are being shaped for the better. 💚