Taste of the Mart: Day 4

Another little snipit of Americasmart ATL. Do y'all see the size of that clock?! You may have heard me speak of scale before. This is what I am referring to. One oversized piece (even in smaller spaces) is ALWAYS better than loads of little tchotchke's. The scale of your furniture and decor can completely change the way a space feels, functions and flows. Large pieces such as this clock can carry your eye up, creating a feeling of higher ceilings and grander spaces. Conversely, using smaller pieces (unless done en mass (think Anthropologie)) can make a room feel sparse, smaller and less grandiose. If you would like help determining how to solve the dilemmas of best fit, spacial awareness and overall scale, contact @theresaoryinteriors for a consultation today! www.theresaoryinteriors.com