Crushing Hard

Currently crushing hard on this master bedroom design for my client! I mean, look at those doors!!! This design is grand, yet simple. A calming space that still makes a statement. And best of all? The light fixture is also a ceiling fan, it just doesn't look like one! 🔥🔥 Have y'all ever lamented over ceiling fans the way I have? I don't know what it is about ceiling fans, but I could seriously tell you stories about horrendous fixtures I have inherited with home purchases in the past. (Think pastel blades and netted metal light covers! 🤦🤷) Thankfully, this @savoyhouselighting drum like fixture has me excited for my client. She'll get all of the functionality, AND an attractive aesthetic. 🙌 Now for entertainment purposes, I'd love to hear about your least favorite inherited home decor! 😆👇