Move to Tears

Witnessing this fledgling taking flight, moved me, to tears today. And since Theresa Ory Interiors is about living well, I'm side stepping a bit from my typical post today because this is just good stuff. ☺️ To me, first flight is mother nature's way of symbolizing growth and it is absolutely beautiful. But, of course, when so many of us see flight we focus on the wonder and glory that comes with it. What we tend to forget, is the harsh reality that fear and discomfort pushed this fledgling to lean over the side of a rock as long as possible, before succumbing to instinct, spreading it's wings and soaring to safety in a bigger & better habitat. Back story; this little one was born on our front porch and was practicing flight, but struggling to rise. He was out of the nest but grounded and mostly just walking through our landscaping for roughly 24 hours. We have a neighborhood cat that is an excellent hunter, I have a Husky that is also an excellent hunter and there are more than a few big snakes in Georgia. I was definitely concerned for the safety of this grounded babe. We kept a close eye and safe distance, until this morning. I found him perched on this rock and wondered if a little pressure would serve him well. As I slowly and gently approached, camera in hand...the body language was clear. Discomfort. Nervousness. Fear. Don't we all find ourselves in that situation now and again? Pushed into an uncomfortable space in life, and fidgeting...but still afraid to fly?! If you feel like this story represents you in any way, please, please be reminded friend: you don't have to be perfect. You just have to try. Trying may mean flying. Soaring to a better place and all of the glory that comes with it. Or, it may mean failing. Fidgeting around for a bit, and trying again. And again. And again. Until, a moment comes along and you finally feel progress. Growth. Skills that enable you to flourish. I pray that we all discover the growth that this fledgling did today. That we may appreciate the difficulties for what they are. That we rise to whatever the occasion may be...teeter for a moment, and go for it. Spread our wings, and very simply; fly.