What's not to love?

Built-ins, grass cloth, lime-washed brick, custom hardwoods and plantation shutters. What's not to love?! 😍 The best part? My client is happy!!! 🙌🙌 When my client first approached me, she wasn't confident in labeling her style. That's okay! I was able to listen, have her show me some pieces in her home that she was particularly drawn to, then discern her preferences from there. Sometimes... As a designer, the most important thing I can do is listen to what ISN'T being said. I think we nailed it this time! 🥳 Now it's on to the next project. Another new client meeting happens at 7 p.m. tonight. 😎 PS. If you're ever feeling intimidated to consider hiring a design professional because you might not have the lingo, or even know what your preferences are.....please know: 1) you don't have to know those things! It's okay. That's what we are here for. 2) a good designer will be able to tap in to your personality, or maybe your wardrobe, or whatever it is that makes your heart sing. And find your preferences from there. 3) even if you feel like you don't really have an opinion, you just want it to look nice/be more functional/feel inviting ..... designers can help with that too. Happy Tuesday y'all! www.theresaoryinteriors.com