Floor Color Emergency

SO. GLAD. I was able correct this floor color emergency BEFORE my clients spent valuable time and money and ended up with something they weren't happy with.😬 Let's back up....today was my day off. My three kiddos and I were planning on a quiet 'clean the house' sort of summer day. My client and I had made color selections (for what she thought were white oak floors) prior to her leaving town while her home is being renovated. Our plan was simply to have me visit the site to confirm color when the floors were ready to be stained. The problem arose when our contractor shared upon arrival that the flooring was not, in fact, white oak. It was red oak. 🥺🥺 The next 4 hours equalled 3 trips to the hardware store (thank you @acehardware )and countless custom mixes to find the perfect blend for red oak, rather than white. My goodness! I'm definitely feeling like I earned my keep today. 😥 Had my client never hired me, this problem definitely could have resulted in a product she was very dissappointed with. She may have had to live with that dissappointment OR spend even more time and money correcting the mistake. This is proof that hiring a designer can SAVE you money! Of course, because I'm an optimist, we'll end on a high note. These floors are going to be beautiful!!! Stay tuned for follow-up pics. 😍 https://www.theresaoryinteriors.com