Business Cards!

✨ Business cards arrived yesterday. ✨ What do y'all think? Premium paper and a velvet soft touch are some features you would experience if you were holding this card in your hand. Tailored and timeless was the goal. ☺️ Also, I'll be honest....I was under the impression that business cards were a thing of the past! 🤷 Surprisingly, many people have asked me for a card. It has even sparked a debate in our household of whether or not they are relevant, if they end up at the bottom if your bag? Or saved and referenced down the road? Do you still keep people's business cards? Do you use them or lose them? Fill me in...I'm super curious. 😁 Lastly, @canvalove was easy to use and delivered an exceptional product. Thanks @canva@theresaoryinteriors appreciates you. 🥰