Entrepreneurial Lessons

This past week was a big one for entrepreneurial lessons learned. Like so many lessons in life this one comes back to balance and relationships. This specific lesson for me was about best fit. It is my job as a designer to listen and learn my clients needs and desires. Conceptualize spaces, navigate budgets, measurements, sourcing, communication and many, many other details. Understanding my clients needs and finding the correct tradespeople to complete their project, is such a crucial piece of the puzzle. Something as simple as hiring a contractor that is too pressed for time can derail a project that was otherwise going so well. On the other hand, bringing a contractor on board who understands scale and scope and can do the job in a fashion that my client is happy with changes the experience completely. This week, I saw a just that. Passing on a contractor that wasn't the best fit for my client, meant opening the doors for an optimal scenario instead. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful people, and cannot wait to see progress on this upcoming project. I'm grateful for the life lessons and growth that come with being an entrepreneur. I'm grateful for seasoned professionals in my field such as @luannnigara who share their knowledge with those of us who are hungry for it. And if you're still with me, dear reader.......I'm grateful for you. 😘 Let me know in the comments if you've ever found yourself passing on what seemed ok, only to find an alternative that was so much better. OR, if you have any entrepreneurial lessons you're willing to share, I'd LOVE to hear your wisdom!! www theresaoryinteriors.com