Many Hats and Weathered Oak

Today was a "fast paced, wearing all the hats and enjoying the ride💃" kind of day. It was a -Multiple client meetings and phone calls, errand running to make sure I don't run out of the endless amounts of food my children are apparently consuming this summer.😳 Making dinner, comforting a friend, tickling my six year old until he yelled mercy and back to the laptop to get some more work cranked out- kind of day. Oh, I also sanded and stained some flooring samples for a client so that she could feel confident in our color choices. I'm loving this Minwax finish called "Weathered Oak" on her white oak. It's a very soft neutral with a touch-of-grey undertone. I think she's going to LOVE it too. Here's hoping your summer is going smoothly, that your kids still let you tickle them and that you're able to enjoy the ride! 💃