Exterior Paint Color

Setting the tone for an interior happens looooong before you walk through the front door. 👀 If paint is applicable, it can make a massive impact. Careful consideration of how the orientation of the home will effect the hue is an important undertaking. South facing elevations are saturated by the sun, therefore colors can seem brighter than expected. Taking a color from a paint chip to an expansive wall can feel completely different. The good news is, while it can seem a bit overwhelming, there are people like me that love thinking through the details and creating a result that speaks to the homeowners style and desires. In this case, taking this home from it's banana boat yellow to a soft set of blues is right in this homeowners lane. If you'd like some help with a project that needs more details than you feel comfortable making, Theresa Ory Interiors is happy to help. ☺️ www.theresaoryinteriors.com