Savannah: Part 1

Post (part 1) of our recent scenic tour of Savannah and Oh. My. It was dreamy. There were hospital entrances with more charm and character than you could shake a fist at. Of course I was crushing and taking photos at every turn. So I thought I'd share a few ( lot) with y'all. Travel has always been something that makes me come alive. Learning new places, meeting new people and exploring through all of my senses is exhilarating. Especially when I'm surrounded by profound beauty. The stunning architecture surrounded by Live Oaks covered in Spanish Moss in Savannah's quintissentially Southern Forsyth Park were nothing short of profoundly beautiful. There was inspiration at every corner. Who wants to be the benefactor of all the ideas flowing through my designer mind at the moment? I'm ready to put all this inspiration to work! 😎