Rare Gems

Yesterday was one of those rare gems of a day where a sale was happening at one of my favorite local spots, AND I was able to add a 60% off coupon to the entire purchase. 🤯 🤩 No joke, I was definitely the kid in the candy store! Only in this case, I no longer even get carded and my candy is a bit more sophisticated then it used to be! 😏 Many treasures were found, but this beauty is my favorite so far. Ladies and Gentelmen, meet the Eastman Secretary by @ballarddesigns. She is an excellent example of the trifecta I love the most! Form, function and value. ☺️ I've stolen a dining room chair for the moment, but will definitely be on the hunt for the perfect pairing soon. A designers work is never done. 😉😉 What do y'all think? Do you like her? Could you use this type of piece to contain the clutter, organize your goodies and act as a charging station at the same time? And even more importantly, do you get as thrilled as I do to find out the store is going to let you add a coupon to a sale?! 💃 If you'renin need of help finding functional pieces, let's chat! I'd love to see how I could help you. www.theresaoryinteriors.com