Monochromatic Softness

When you see this image, what comes to mind? The monochromatic softness of the flower petal colors? The contrast of traditional mouldings against a modern concrete vessel? The warmth the live edge walnut table offers juxtaposed by white walls? Here's what I see. I see a beautiful flower extending toward the light. Leaning into the window for warmth and growth. As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think of my children as that flower. They are so precious, beautiful and needy of nourishment. I pray that I am able to give them what they need, and not what they don't. I pray they are so filled with love and light that they have no choice but to flourish. To all of you Mothers out there doing all that you can, giving all that you are, and being everything to everyone, happy (early 😉) Mother's Day to you. And to all who may not be a mother, but still know how to be the gift of love and light, here's hoping you're also being celebrated this weekend. 😘