Happiness is Bougainvillea

🌺Happiness is Bougainvillea on my front porch! 🌺 Warning: backstory here. Which means a lot of me talking about me, so you may want to stop while you're ahead! 😆 There are two places in the world that consistently make my heart sing. Italy is the first. I traveled there for a summer in college. I lived with a little Italian woman named Leah, took Italian language lessons during the day, Opera lessons in the afternoons and travelled my heart out on the weekends! It was a dream. I will cherish it forever. The sights sounds and flavors of that place are intoxicating. Italia will always have a piece of my heart. 🇮🇹 Key West is the second. We were lucky enough to find the gem that is @keywestbandb the very first time we went. Staying in that home with the people who love you while you are there is as rejuvinating as it gets. The island has such an awesome vibe of inclusiveness. There is artistry, delicious eats and natural beauty on every corner. And every single time I leave that island, I am a more relaxed, inspired and grateful human. 🇺🇸 What does all of this have to do with my #picoftheday?🌺🌺 Bouganvillea🌺🌺 It thrives in both of my favorite places! Which means hanging it on my front porch is a daily reminder of that which brings me joy. I know I'm not alone here! What are your favorite travel stories? Where do you go to be rejuvenated and find joy? And what do you bring home from those places to remind you of all the goodness? At Theresa ory Interiors we strive to create rejuvenating spaces! Environments that fill you up, bring you joy, and surround you with all of the goodness. If you're interested in how we can help you, don't be afraid to reach out! Or you can see our website for more info; www.theresaoryinteriors.com *Phew* - that was a long one! 😉