Not gonna lie, this spring break weather has been a total bust. But with three kids and one hotel room, we've found ways to power through. We've hunted seashells and played soccer on the beach in the rain. We've swam in the (thankfully heated) hotel pool during a complete downpour, and we've eaten for pure entertainment because there was nothing else to do. 🤷 Then today, after a short conversation about the lobby decor with hotel staff (what?! Isn't that just what everybody does?! 😆😉) I found out there is an amazing shop in Pensacola called "Duh". So obviously I took advantage of the down time and went in for some recon. 😏 Ladies and Gentlemen.....It. Was. Dreamy. 😍😍You can see for yourself by the sheer volume of photos, I obviously freakin loved it. Well done Pensacola. Well done. 🙌