Theresa Ory

Theresa Ory is the founder and principal of Theresa Ory Interiors, an interior design firm that centers design around the creation of experience – how you move through a space, where the light sources fall, and your impact upon entry. Her award-winning, relaxed yet refined spaces have been featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles as the 2021 Bath of the Year and 2022 Kitchen of the Year – with her Kitchen of the Year earning the January issue cover. She was the featured designer for “This Old House” Season 44, where she enhanced and maintained the original beauty of a historic Atlanta home. Theresa has also been published in House Beautiful, Business of Home, and Veranda.com.

Built with grit and passion, Theresa Ory Interiors began after Theresa's family transitioned to Georgia from the Midwest. In the South, she saw opportunities in interior design that would allow her to work with creative spaces that made her heart go pitter-patter, while also giving her the flexibility to spend time with her growing family. Starting from scratch with a whole home project, she learned on her feet, her natural talent and acuity leading one job into another.

In curating her spaces, she goes to the source – Mother Nature. She is inspired by the raw beauty of natural growth, form, light, and the wonder of creation. Her highly customized spaces are organic yet tailored, grounded yet elegant. In drawing inspiration from nature, she embraces elements that facilitate serene, timeless design, curating spaces that feel like her clients' best version of home.